Sunday, October 31, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

This is Sophia's first year of beginning to understand Halloween and the idea of dress up. She has been wanting to wear her sparkly red shoes for the past few weeks and we have had her wearing her hat around the house so that she can get used to how it feels on her cute little head. I can't take credit for this adorable costume. I wish I was talented enough to crochet her a hat, but as my previous post says, "I'm just not that crafty". We attempted Trick or Treating tonight if you want to call it that. It consisted of going to our neighbor's house where Sophia enjoyed petting the dog and grabbing candy from the bowl. I am not ready to let her eat candy yet, but she definitely got some good practice in her Trick or Treating skills. I think next year will be a bigger success. At least Dad got some good pictures so we can remember our precious strawberry girl:)

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