Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy Gripes

I will start this post out by assuring readers that I am THRILLED to be pregnant. The joy that comes with taking part in the creation of another life and carrying that baby for 9 months is indescribable.  I count myself very blessed to be able to bring life into this world and I am so looking forward to expanding our ever growing family. Okay, so now that I stated my disclaimer, I think I am entitled to vent (just a little) about my pregnancy gripes. Here is my list of things that suck about being pregnant.

1. The nausea. I am one of the few who suffers from extreme morning sickness. There were a whole two weeks where I couldn't drink water without vomiting. Everyone says it will be over soon, but with my first baby, it lasted the first 2 trimesters!
2. All this morning sickness means that I am eating nothing very healthy. White bread, macaroni, saltines, cereal, hard candy. I envisioned things like: wild salmon, steel cut oats, fresh produce. Ha! I was in for a rude awakening. This baby doesn't like produce of any kind and definitely doesn't like anything whole wheat. UGH!
3. Exercise? For get about it! First of all, the nausea makes me completely off balance, and second of all, I have no energy. Seriously, I think if there was enough time in my day, I would take three naps. I sort of envy women who can continue their exercise routine through pregnancy. I considered myself to be really fit before getting pregnant, but 5 weeks of no exercise has turned my muscle to mush.
4. Feeling sick gives me zero motivation to shower or do my hair. Sorry if that's an over share, but I definitely don't shower seven days a week. It makes me so dizzy to stand there and tilt my head back. And doing my hair? No way Jose!

These are my pregnancy gripes. Obviously the good outweighs the bad. In 8 months I will have a beautiful new life to nurture and love.  I will gladly take on the morning sickness and the unhealthy food that makes me embarrassed to call myself a future dietitian!  As far as exercise goes, I'll worry about that after the baby comes. No matter how uncomfortable I am for these next few months, I will continue to give God thanks everyday for the opportunity to be a small part of one of His creations. When I really try to wrap my head around this, it overwhelms my heart. This is absolutely the greatest gift that God can give to me and I am so grateful!

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