Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food Debunked- Salmon

Salmon is a topic that I have a lot to say about. Everyone I know always feels so proud of themselves for eating fish on a regular basis. That's great! Fish is excellent for your body, especially the fish that are not high in mercury content. Unfortunately, if you are eating farm raised salmon, you are basically wasting your time.  The trivial amount of omega 3 fatty acids in farmed salmon is comparable to what you can find in lean ground beef.  Farm raised salmon is only pink in color because it is pumped with dyes! Wild salmon is pink because wild salmon eat shell fish naturally as part of their diet. Farm raised salmon is higher in fat and lower in protein than its wild counterpart. Its fat content is primarily omega 6 fat, rather than omega 3. Omega 6 fats are important to our body, however, most of us get plenty from the rest of our meats and too much can be very inflammatory to your cells. Farmed salmon is also highly contaminated with PCBs (poly chlorinated biphenyl) which is highly toxic. I know that you are all reading this and thinking, "I can't afford wild salmon." Yes you can!!!! Fry's grocery store always has it on sale. I just bought 3 pounds of wild king salmon on sale at Sunflower Market. The trick here is that when its on sale, STOCK UP!!! There are no excuses to not eat wild salmon. Its usually about the same price as farm raised when its on sale. Your family deserves the best possible nutrition. Feed them well!!!!http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=96http://www.ewg.org/reports/farmedpcbs

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