Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am Blogging About Not Having Time to Blog

I am in a terrible funk right now. I hate being busy. I am not one of those people who thrives on staying busy and yet I am very very busy! I wish I could stay home and capture every moment of life on my camera and blog about it, but I am too busy right now. Being a stay at home blogging mama would be my ultimate [sweet] simplicity but its not happening anytime soon. I started school two weeks ago and I am in over my head. I already feel like giving up. I am in class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then on my off days I pretty much study whenever possible. This degree aint easy! I am trying to stay positive, but I have moments of doubt so often. I am in a constant state of stress. Instead of giving up, I think I'll offer it up.

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