Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Camera!!

I have owned a Sony Cybershot digital camera for as long as I can remember. It always took decent pictures, that is until Sophia came along... every picture that we have of Sophia from that camera is slightly blurry because it has a terrible shutter speed. Babies are always on the move, even from a young age. I have desperately wanted a new camera for a while now just so that I can have some decent family photos that I am proud to hang on the walls or post on my blog:) I got an early birthday present this year. My husband searched and searched for a high quality camera that would have a strong shutter speed and he ended up choosing the Canon Rebel. I absolutely love it. Look at these pictures posted. The colors are so rich and I have captured Sophia's beautiful face with no blurs! That is all I can ask of a camera.
I know very little about photography as of now, but I am so eager to learn. Maybe Santa will bring me photography classes:)

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