Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Dinner

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with delicious food! Most days of the week, I eat ridiculously healthy, but when there is a special occasion I like to eat my heart out! My birthday was this past Thursday. I really wanted to go to Postino's Winecafe, but due to our very tight budget, I knew that going out to eat was not a good idea. My genius husband had the amazing idea of recreating Postino's bruschetta in our very own kitchen. It really was an amazing idea because the end result was delicious! I honestly probably ate more cheese than most people should eat in an entire month! We started with a caprese salad loaded with fresh mozzerella and basil. I even impressed myself by making a balsamic reduction to drizzle it with. We also made a green salad because even though its a celebration, I am not okay with not eating my veggies! We modified a salad that we are obsessed with from Cibo. It is mixed greens with shaved parmesan, pine nuts, grilled potatoes, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic. YUM! Last but not least, we made bruschetta with brie, apples, and apricot preserves, and another bruschetta with an artichoke spread. We also drank two bottles of wine.... Is that too much?

Oh and want to know something awesome? One of my nutrition professors saw some of my food photos, and she told me they were "beautiful" and said maybe I should start a business on the side. Food for thought I guess....

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