Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a wonder I am a warrior I am a woman!

My husband James has been offered a job for the summer as a keyboard player with a band at our church. This involves him traveling all summer and leaving me to take care of the house and our [soon to be] one year old daughter. The band left last Monday for their first tour and they will arrive home on Thursday for a total of 10 days. I have found so much strength in this past week. I am amazed at how much God has taken care of me. I am so dependent on James and I was truly fearful of how I would react when he left. I hate sleeping alone and I am such a worry wart (thanks Mom! :) I thought for sure that I would be sick with worry all week when in fact it has been the opposite. I have kept myself so busy between working on projects around the house and hanging out with friends I hadn't seen since before Christmas! In this past week me and Sophia have enjoyed a great BBQ with my mom's family, had our first experience at The Little Gym, made tofu tacos with Kelly, visited with Amanda, walked the mall with our cousin, tried wearing pigtails for the first time, made the cutest birthday invitations, and almost mastered pulling up to a standing position. I definitely learned a few things about myself this week:

1. I genuinely love to cook which I proved by making myself dinner most of the time this week.
I made veggie burgers with homemade sweet potato fries, spinach ravioli, and I even grilled a single chicken breast for
2. I am fully capable of making myself happy if I really put in the effort.
3. I have more friends than I realized if I just make some phone calls.
4. I depend on Sophia just as much as she depends on me.

James comes home tomorrow and I am so excited to see him, but I also know that when he leaves again, I will be okay. I found myself repeating this phrase all week. I think it was God's way of giving me strength: I am a wonder, I am a warrior, I am a woman!

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